Sailing races

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Race for Beginners
Coastal race
Race for Experienced
20-23 February
19-22 March
December 1-2
1 training and 3 races
January 12-13
February 23-24
4 days
January 12-13
Degree of complexity
(10 or more trainings)
March 15-16
Day 1
sailing training (3h)
Day 2
short distance races (3h)
Day 3
coastal race (3h)
Day 4
short distance races  (3h)
How much does it cost
To book a boat seat
1500 АED
To book a boat seat and pay 1500АED by person no later than 48 hours before the trip. Or you can order a full boat for 5500АED
Included in price:
The duties of a professional instructor in your crew during the races
Briefing and debriefing of the races
Committee of professional judges
Awarding of winners
The work of a photographer
Bottles of water
To be paid additional:
Accommodation and meals
Road to sailing base
Sports insurance
Future dates
Race for experienced
February 20-23 (Tuesday-Friday)
Race for experienced
March 19-22 (Tuesday-Friday)
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Coastal Race
A long distance race where you will see Dubai from the water and race along the shoreline
1 race
3,5 - 4,5 hours
Degree of complexity
All levels
13:10 - 13:20
registration of participants, briefing
boats on the water
start of the first race
closing of the competitions, awarding of the winners
How much does it cost
To book a boat seat
400 АED
For one person there is a 400АED price, if you can build a team of 6 people, you will receive a 15% discount for the entire reservation of the yacht, the cost taking into account the discount 2040 АED
Included in price:
The duties of a professional instructor in your crew during the race
Briefing and debriefing of the race
Committee of professional judges
Awarding of winners
Bottle of water
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What we are competing on
Fareast 28R
The Fareast 28R is an international keel racing yacht with classic popularity in Europe, China and the USA. ​​It is a well-designed boat  for a crew of three to six people, easy to handle and a high performance one design class racing sailboat
Among other things, the Fareast 28R is a very seaworthy boat on which you can feel the yacht on the waves, adapt to racing in sea conditions and get a new experience.  ​​Even with a length of 28 feet, FAREAST 28R can easily reach the maximum speed of 20 knots. During the race with you on the boat will be our experienced instructor
9.07 m
2.75 m
1.75 kg
1300 kg
27.9 m²
20.5 m²
66.5 m²
Outboard Engine
6 hp
Build a team
From the beginning of the training, we encourage you to negotiate and form teams with other guys
We have a special discount for teams
The team is more fun and productive when participating in races
The team has priority in enrollment with his favorite instructor's
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Build a team
Wind Rises Fareast 28R sailing boat
How to get to Wind Rises Dubai
Yacht Class
Fareast 28R
A modern racing yacht with a speed of 20 kn at full capacity
Wind Rises Dubai
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Competition regulations Wind Rises Cup 2024
Racing Rules of Sailing 2021–2024


Can a sailing boat rollover?
Nope, it’s almost impossible to roll over on a keelboat
I’ve never sailed before. Are your trainings suitable for me?
The answer is yes! Our mission is to popularize sailing to the masses, so we’re happy to see newbies joining us! You can also visit one of our regular yachting-theory master classes to prepare better in advance. Or get to the regular trainings straight ahead — our experienced instructor will enroll you in the process smoothly.
I have a team already. Can we race with you?
Yep! Book the training together: if you’re taking the whole boat, you’re getting 15% off the price
I’m a pro. Are these trainings suitable for me?
Our regular trainings might be a bit dull for you, but no worries! We also offer a special series of advanced and specialized courses. We also organize match racing activities to cater the more experienced—you’ll love these!
I paid for the subscription, but something went wrong — what should I do?
Contact us on email — we’ll solve the problem for you


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